July 22, 2015 Ron Sneddon

What’s the Difference Between a Dodderer and a Dickhead

Case 1: Dom Harvey, breakfast co-host on The Edge takes a crotch shot of Dancing with the Stars competitor Crystal Chenery and puts it on Instagram  with the line – “Crystal just showing Art what he missed out on”- a reference to Art Green of The Batchelor TV series, who selected another woman as his love partner.

Chenery, naturally enough goes postal on it. Harvey tweets his apology along the lines that it was just a joke blah, blah and Chenery calls him out as a disgusting little nat. Harvey is a serial moron with a brain the size of a pea. His claim to fame is to laugh at his wife, Jay Jay Fenney’s jokes. He is not witty, he is not wise.  He is just a dirty dickhead.

Case 2. Another broadcaster, the BBC’s voice of golf Peter Allis was forced to apologise for a sexist gaffe  he made during the British Open after remarks  about tournament’s winner Zach Johnson’s wife.

As the camera honed in on Johnson and wife Kim Barclay, Alliss ventured his thoughts on what the $2.4m winner’s cheque may be spent on.

“She is probably thinking – ‘if this goes in I get a new kitchen’,” he said.

Peter Allis is 84 years old. That’s 16 years until he is 100. It’s a miracle he can still see, speak and find the bathroom on his own. He’s a dodderer. Do we forgive him any less?

Which one of these two gents is worse? Or is there any difference at all?




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