July 28, 2016 Ron Sneddon

TV’s Best, Yet Unwatchable Channel!

Today I speak to you about the greatest channel on  New Zealand tele – Discovery Turbo – you can search it on Google, but unfortunately when one clicks on the link you’ll find the page  doesn’t exist. Which is prophetic really, because Sky clearly do not want customers to view the channel – which is for petrol heads, wanna be petrol heads and Muscle car enthusiasts.

Apart from the broken search link (which may be a temporary aberration) when you do actually find the channel you will discover a host of tasty programmes all about cars. American muscle car shows, Overhaulin, Fast & Loud, West Coast Customs,  the quirky British car do-up programme Wheeler Dealers, the vintage show Chasing Classic Cars and What’s in the Barn are all just fantastic, albeit they are the ONLY 6 programmes on Discovery Turbo!

Yes that’s right – these same shows repeat 24/7 on what seems like a continuous rotate. But that’s still OK, because there are new episodes of each.

It’s what’s between the programmes that makes this great channel virtually unwatchable. The same programme promo trailers – perhaps there are four or five per break are repeated in every single programme break. It’s like Ground Hog Day for promos. A never ending schedule of the very same trailers, going around and around and around.

Try watching for an hour and these bloody things will drive you to switch off.

Whomever is programming this channel should be taken out into the back paddock and shot through the skull. You are ruining what is the greatest escape on television in my opinion. Surely to God someone can produce up a few new stings to break up the monotony.  Help,  someone at Sky read this and take note!


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